Be surprised, be serious, be happy, be yourself – be confident.

When you look in the mirror, how you appear on the outside and feel on the inside may not match. To own your beauty is to take control over how you project your image and the decisions you make to achieve that. Belotero® is not about painting by numbers for a generic look; it’s a palette of HA fillers that enables your aesthetic practitioner to tailor treatments, by analysing your face and using the correct tools and techniques to respect your individuality.

A model, wife and mum...

Susanne is 46 and was chosen for the ‘Own Your Beauty’ campaign as it’s inspired by real life and she has received treatment with Belotero® fillers.

Susanne’s medical practitioner used Belotero® because he didn’t want to change her looks but to ‘put back what was there before’ through recontouring, reshaping and addressing volume losses.

Susanne looks elegant but she doesn’t look perfect – fine lines can still be seen. Above all she looks confident, because she’s owning her own beauty.

Susanne, actual Belotero® patient, aged 46

“I certainly don’t want to look overdone or change who I am, I want to look the age I am but look amazing for it. To me, owning your beauty is about being able to recognise yourself once more. I still want to be able to show the life experiences I’ve had, as both a model and a mum, and what makes me interesting and ‘me’!

To own your beauty also means owning the decision to do something about my appearance and understanding what’s right for me – and only me.

My face is unique … and I want it to stay that way!”


To own your beauty is to be able to regain your sense of self and what makes you really ‘you’. It’s having the confidence to show your emotions.

To own your beauty is to be able to look in the mirror and say,

‘I’m back’.