Show your emotions with confidence

When was the last time you dared to show your emotions with self-assurance and confidence?

Belotero® is here to make you feel good in your skin, no matter your age or individual needs. Belotero® offers a broad range of hyaluronic acid fillers, tailored to your requirements. They give natural looking results without you losing facial expression or emotion. Bring back what you miss about feeling beautiful, happy and radiant.

Because you have the choice to own your age and to own your beauty.


To own your beauty is an act of empowerment and an assured freedom. It is the capacity to be the optimal me.

-Susanne, Belotero patient

Let your true
self shine through

As we age, the production of natural skin moisturisers (such as hyaluronic acid) slowly diminishes. As the levels of collagen and elastin decline, our skin loses more and more elasticity. This results in decreased skin quality, a reduction of facial volume and a less youthful appearance overall. Our bone structure also alters as we get older, gradually changing our facial features.

What is
hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is our skin’s natural moisturiser, it binds water which moisturises the skin and provides tightness. Over time, its natural production decreases and skin loses its elasticity and firmness. HA is an ingredient often present in anti-ageing day and night creams. However, when it is applied to the skin (externally) as a cream or serum, the HA cannot penetrate through all layers of the skin.

For visible skin restoration and volume enhancement, HA is injected into different layers of the skin by a qualified aesthetic practitioner.

Enjoy natural results with a filler tailored to your needs.

The Belotero® family of fillers is a complete and tailored portfolio that can be used to fill wrinkles, restore facial volume and hydrate skin in a holistic approach that respects your individuality.

Express yourself
with confidence

Your lips are one of your most expressive features and help to convey your emotions. But every time you speak, eat, kiss, or smile, your skin remembers and lines eventually begin to show on your face. The vertical lines above and below your lips can be difficult to hide with makeup and are often highlighted when you wear that bright shade of lipstick.

Downturned lines at the corners of your mouth can make you look sad or angry. Although these corner lines are a natural result of gravity taking its toll, you don’t have to live with them. Defining, enhancing or plumping lips requires a less-is-more approach for a natural-looking result, that lets you show your emotions with confidence and own your beauty.


Belotero® Balance gel fills unwanted vertical lip lines and wrinkles radiating from lips and at the corners of the mouth, to add a soft shape to thin lips, or subtly sculpt contours.

Belotero® Intense provides volume and projection to the body of the lips. The unique CPM® technology and specific Belotero® properties means that Belotero® Intense is a great choice for highly mobile areas of the face, so that you retain your natural beauty.